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Thank you ALL so much for your responses! I like hearing from people who actually USE the products, because you can get a better feel for the pros and cons. Now do either of these handle paper bigger than 8 inches wide like a 12" x 12" or do I need to look for another product? I know if I go with something that only does 8 1/2 inch across paper, I might regret it if at some point I decide to do a larger project. Size isn't an issue, I'm an artist so I have room in my studio to just leave it out on a table, I guess I'm just hoping to find the machine that does a little of everything. Embossing, cutting etc. I have made plates before with metal for stamping and embossing, I guess I'll just have to actually get one of these and check out the dies they use to see if I can make my own.

and OMG 50% off at Michaels--I love that store....

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Well now I just saw the Sizzix BigKick which also embosses metal. sigh.
I would love to emboss sheets of tin as well. I am starting to think I will need to buy more than one machine!

Is there one machine that will cut or emboss everything from cardstock to thin copper or tin? That can take all competitors dies?

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