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  • Jarvae Said:
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  • Jarvae Said: I tell my DH that he's lucky... some people collect shoes, and they take up a lot more space!

Wait ... shoes are bad?!?!

Hey, I never said they're bad, I just said they take up more space! It's the one thing that I *don't* collect, and I use that to draw attention away from all the things I do collect like scrappy stuff and purses. And shot glasses. And books. And... oh nevermind.

Shoes are my weakness! Honey told me I needed to go through my shoes because there are some he has never seen me wear and I should get rid of some.....I told him I have never seen him use any of his guns (don't freak out we are country so he needs to get rid of them too. Needless to say, ever since that conversation happened, I have never heard anything else about my shoes again.

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