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I did a Heritage Album/Scrapbook for my Father before he passed. It was about his life and I started with the youngest great Grandchild. I did a page all about him and then the page across was a timeline and then went forward a page for each member as they were born and then when I got to him I did lots of photos of him and about him then it went back to his parents each one and then his siblings and as far back was his grandparents with each one having a page all about them. I tried to have photos on each page from childhood to adult (only about 5 photos per person on a page) then journaling I did a timeline on each person from when they were born. Ref link: This tells how much things cost and Famous peoples Birthdays on the same day and events that happened on that day in history and all you do is type in the date and it brings up a page you can print. It was free then but you may have to check out now I don't know. I will take a photo of the pages to show as an example when it gets daylight as right now it is early morning. If you have any questions or do not understand this mumble jumble I have written just email me and I will try to help as I know how difficult it is to start something like this. Hope some of this helps you.

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