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Welcome to the NEW & Improved Monthly Sketch Challenge!

One of my favorite & most used tools in my scrapbooking happens to be sketches. I've been using them for years & love how a great sketch makes a page seem so much simpler to put together when you are feeling overwhelmed by the # of photos/all the embellies/different papers, etc. or when you can't seem to come up with an original idea for the page you want to create. I am in constant search of inspiration & I've found sketches to hold a wealth of it when I am stuck or in need of an idea to get me started on my next project.

So this challenge is for anyone in need of a little creative jump-start or an inspirational push to get them back to scrappin' & preserving those treasured memories...or for those of you who like me have used sketches and know how valuable they can be & love them as much as I do!

Ready to Play? If so, here's how!

1. Reply to this topic & let me know you are game!
2. Every MONDAY during the month of October, [starting Monday Oct. 1st and ending Monday, Oct. 22nd], I will post a new sketch that you NOW have UNTIL THE CLOSING DATE OF THE CHALLENGE to complete, upload & share w/the rest of us!! No more weekly deadlines, whoo-hoo!!
3. Any size LO 6x6 and larger is welcome!
4. Digital LO's are also welcome.
5. Players may join at anytime during the month and DO NOT have to complete all of the sketches posted.
6. COMMENTS~Everyone loves to get comments, but it is NOT a requirement of participation in this challenge & it is entirely up to each individual player to leave them or not.
7. VOTING & PRIZES~I have decided to re-vamp this challenge upon my return & we will no longer be voting to pick winners every week. It became too much 4 me to keep up with each & every month, so to make my life a little easier running this challenge it's time for a change. Prizes may be offered in the future, or for Special MSC Events, but that will be at my discresion.

~*WEDNESDAY'S are now going to be BONUS SKETCH DAYS!! That means I will post an additional sketch every Wednesday for your scrappin' pleasure! It will be entirely up to YOU whether you choose to do the bonus sketches~they are completely OPTIONAL and are only being provided for additional inspiration!*~

***~Public Embedding and Uploading to Challenge~***

1. Once your LO is uploaded to the gallery Go to your gallery and click on it.
2. Under small pic of LO check box for "Allow PUBLIC EMBEDDING"
3. Click "SUBMIT

NEXT, to Upload to the Challenge Thread...
1. First click on the LO you want to upload.
2. Scroll down to the "Share & Link" box on the left side of the page. Click the "Link/Embed image" option.
3. A Box will open up with a small pic of your LO. Where it says 'Embed This Image' select "IMG CODE" above the image.
4. RIGHT CKICK and COPY the code it gives you. (you can also change the size of the image if you desire.)
5. Go to Challenge
6. Go to any Reply Box and RIGHT CLICK and then PASTE the code.


Week 1 Sketch:

OCT2012-MSC:Week1Sketch! By Jamariel

*OPTIONAL TWIST~Let's have a Fall Ball! It's October & we're now entering the prime of my FAV season-only problem 4 me is living in a tropical paradise I don't get to "see" Fall. So this week I'd love 4 you 2 scrap some of your fun Fall photos & show me what fall activities/events your family takes part in...or scrap using a fall colors palate! (ex: orange, brown, yellow, green, red, etc.)

Week 2 Sketch:

OCT2012-MSC:Week2Sketch! By Jamariel

**OPTIONAL TWIST~Let's get dirty! Use paint, ink, mist, chalk, etc..anything messy on this weeks LO for some additional srcappy FUN!!

Week 3 Sketch:

Oct2012MSC:Week3Sketch! By Jamariel

***OPTIONAL TWIST~Embrace your inner child artist and add some doodling to your LO this week!! : )

Week 4 Sketch:

OCT2012MSC:Week4Sketch! By Jamariel

****OPTIONAL TWIST~Let's go green this week and use up some scraps! Really go for it though and use as much scrap/leftover items as you possibly can on your LO's this week. I've been on a kick to use up old stash items lately, so I thought why not incorporate the same w/our weekly sketch???

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