Username Post: I have WAY too much paper!
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

    In response to Juansmom

I can honestly say that I can go 10 years without buying any patterned paper. I would need some cardstock becuase I match it to my patterned or my pictures.

But patterned - I'm probably set for life if truth be told.

I have one box with a stack at least 3' high of patterned paper - have never looked at it or gone through it. I have to work down my stash a bit before I have room for the new stuff.

Its all stuff I picked out and is lovely but there is no room for it so it is in a box and when some of my paper containers aren't so full I'll take a handful of the new stuff and fill it up again.

I have had this stack of new stuff for over a year - no idea what is in there but they are papers I picked out one sheet at a time so I know I love them.

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