Username Post: Help with Vintage / Heritage scrapbooking
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Sorry I didn't get to upload photos yesterday but I have added to my gallery if you would like to take a look. This is the way most of the album looks with a page on the left of the person and then a page on the right of the time line. After done with all the family I started adding some photos and journaling of some special events like when my Aunt and Uncle renewed their wedding vows. When I was a little girl I was their flower girl and my brother was their ring bearer. With the Renewal of Vows again I was the flower girl and my brother was the ring bearer after 50 years of marriage. It was indeed a special event but my Father (her Brother) had given her away at the original wedding and he had already passed before the renewal. Only thing missing in that was My Father. Again Hope the photos help or give you some ideas.

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