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Hi Ladies,

I have been in the background watching and reading.

Welcomr to all the new ladies. Your making some lifelong friends here.

Theres alot to say. Katie good luck give me you new addy. Martica there are better things for him in the future. Bon glad your back in the world of scraping. I am midding lots of people and pray each day.

My surgery date is set and official. October 16th at 7:30 am. Takes about 4 hours depending on what they really find. I am have the disks replaced between c4-5 and c6-7. I am hopinf fo rmetal disks not cadaver bone. I will be home next day. I have a friend that will call either or both Martica and Bon. I will post when able to get back online. all my swaps are good due befor or after so I am set that way. I am scared. He is on of the best in the area but still.

I have not seen my 13 yr daughter in 6 months. I asked her dad to make her see me before surgery so we will see. I made plans for all contingincies. Thats my ocd. Makes great host. lol

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