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  • Vae on 09-29-12 08:50 PM

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So I've been following this thread, and I tried... REALLY tried to make some page kits. My problem is that once I decide which papers and everything I'm going to use and how I want the pictures to be arranged, I don't want to wait to go to a crop! I want to glue it down now and finish it up. It always seems like the choosing and arranging takes me the longest, but once I decide how it will be, it only takes me about 10 minutes to glue it all down, and I figure, why wait?

I really do want to go to a crop because I have more creative energy when I'm around other people. But at the same time, I love having all my stuff around me and I couldn't possibly pack it all up to take with me. I just have too much stuff and I never really know what all I will need until it's done. Half the time, even when I think it's done, I still go back and add something. :P

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