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  • Anonymous on 09-29-12 11:46 PM

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Hi Sisters...

Stopping by at my favorite time of the day! Did y'all see the moon tonight??? What a sight!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and that you all remember to cherish the small things in life.

Tomorrow will be the first time in almost 4 years that my family (minus my oldest and her 3 children) will gather together to celebrate my Boo's Birthday!! I guarantee there will be many tears shed as my Son has not seen his sister in all this time. As I write this I realize I have not shared with all of you the joy my heart feels just having my daughter Jaclyn and her beautiful children back in my life. Going to volunteer at my Grandson's school on Fridays...sharing lunch with them afterwards. Just sitting and talking with my beautiful Angelgirl has truly helped my health 100%...I had missed her so much...I think more than I let myself feel.

Anyway I better get...since I already forgot about what I wanted to say to each of you tonight...I will just leave you with this...

If I made a list of all the ways God has blessed me, Your names would appear again and again.

Love y'all.

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