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Through this group I've made some wonderful friends and enjoy meeting new friends in our group each and every month. If you are joining for the first time this month, you're in for a treat - what a FABULOUS group of caring/sharing women. Welcome everyone!

Lots of us have cameras we use now and again for a snapshot or two. Some of us have new cameras itching to be put to use and get more familiar with. Sound like FUN?! It IS!!!! Get your camera out and USE it. Just take pictures, share pictures, and stretch your camera use beyond where it is today. We all love photos -and photos are the heart and soul of our scrapbooks. Let's take GREAT photos - Experiment. Try different lighting, try "on location" shoots -even if that means taking an orange outside and taking it's photo on the lawn.


1- Take 10 photo's throughout the month. These can be of what ever you choose. You may post them at any time (just try not to post all at once). Please link them to your gallery for easy access for comments.

2 - NO STRESS - if you aren't having fun it's not worth doing

3 - Comments - We all LOVE comments on our photos so please make an effort to visit/comment as possible, but ---
SEE RULE 1 - NO STRESS. If you don't have time to comment on photos (or can only comment on some) that's FINE!

4 - MISSING PHOTOS - SO WHAT? See rule 1 - NO STRESS. Life gets in the way - it happens to all of us. Post your photos when you can - See RULE 1 - NO STRESS

Just join in and SHARE!!!

How to add a clickable image to your post.
1. Pull up the image you wish to share.
2. To the left of your screen about at the bottom of your image you will see "LINK/EMBED IMAGE". It's just below the Facebook, Twitter, & Pin it buttons. Click the link.
3. When the box comes up mark the IMG Code. Left click on the copy & paste code will turn blue. Right click on it to paste.
4. Next, go to the thread where you want to post your image. Click in the text space and paste your code.

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End Of Month Photo Contest

We will be having an end of month photo contest each month. You may submit 1 photo YOU have personally taken. PM me with it by the date requested to be entered in our POLL. Oh, make sure you have the "Allow Public Embedding" checked so I may post it in the poll. We will have one winner per month unless there is a tie. If you are the monthly winner PM me your address. I will be looting my personal scrapbook stash to share with you to help keep my cost down. You might find an extra surprise in there too! Just so it's fair to all our players...please make sure if you submit a photo for the contest you have completed all 10 photo's for the month and YOU have personally taken them during the current month. The mini challenge photo's are not required, simply for fun. You can however, submit one of your challenge photo's (mini's) to the contest.
*End of Month photo contest entry deadline: Octoberr 29th by 6pm EST (I will post poll the evening of the 29th)

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Challenges you want, challenges you get-these are just for fun - no obligation! Use these 10 prompts to inspire your photos in any way you see fit. There are no right or wrong ideas.

October Minis:

1 - a path
2 - flame
3 - incognito
4 - it's time for....
5 - orange
6 - turn it black (& white)
7 - it's my favorite....
8 - a treat
9 - night shot
10 - I get my kicks....

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