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Taking sign ups until October 2nd - midnight CST

This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 20-25.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

October twist: Pumpkin, Star or Moon. Include ONE of these twists on your project and be eligible for a RAK-but you MUST complete the 1st challenge to be eligible to win the twist RAK.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (Oct 31) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects) and 3 projects and a twist for an RAK from me

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Completed 3 projects

Norma (njr007)
1. mommaprov
2. Trish (ChansGram)
3. Michelle (melissadam)
4. Crystal (MrsCDJ)
5. Tracy (Tracy F)
6. Marci (Marcib)
7. Lynn (crazycricut)
8. Sonja (SonjaC)
9. Donna (dkscrapper)
10. Anna (Anna C)
11. Kelly (klweist)
12. Jen (Jen E)
13. Denielle (denielle.c.podraza)
14. Lisa (lpeeps)
15. Tina (tinadn)
16. Carol (NMscrapper)
17. Diana (Sunnidi)
18. Melanie (Lamoo12)
19. Carolyn (vincarash)
20. Renay (renaylucy)

1. Happy Easter By ChansGram
2. Wobble Ghost By Tracy F
3. Home of the Brave By Lpeeps
4. Therapy By NMscrapper
5. Happy Haunting By Tracy F *with twist*
6. pink out the park By Melissadam
7. Miss Piggy By Klweist
8. Rollin,Rollin,Rollin By ChansGram
9. Easter 1997 By Melissadam
10. BOO By Anna C
11. Things I Love By MrsCDJ
12. 3757121/-1.html
13. Fashionista By Tracy F
14. home from school By Marcilb
16. Sonic & Tails By Lamoo12
17. Thank you By Tinadn *with twist*
18. Sunset on Maui By Sunnydi
19. Poser By Tracy F
20. 4*teen By MrsCDJ
21. Sweet Pea By Mommaprov
22. Fall Tree By Lamoo12 *with twist*
23. Stop Sign Cake By Lamoo12
24. Gator Walk By Vincarash
25. Fall Thanks card By Lamoo12
26. Birthday Card By Lamoo12
27.-29. Set of Mini's By Lpeeps
30. Happy Birthday Stars By Lpeeps *with twist*
31. journey By Melissadam
32. Another Perspective By NMscrapper
33.-34. Halloween Tags By Tracy F
35. Happy Halloween By Njr007
36. Witch By Njr007
37. Best Witches By Njr007
38. Oct 31 By Njr007
39. Happy Haunting By Njr007
40. Happy Halloween By Njr007
41. dance in the rain By Melissadam
42. dance in the rain By Melissadam
43. Weist monogram By Klweist
44. Trick or Treat By Njr007
45. Boo By Njr007
46-47.. Boo By Njr007 *with twist*
48.-49. is this seat taken? By Klweist
50. Sweet Face By Marcilb
51. I Said By Tracy F
52. Merry Christmas By Tracy F
53. Kissing Cousins By Sunnydi
54. On Track for Fun By NMscrapper *with twist*
55. Umbrella Card By Tracy F
57. Sisterly Love By ChansGram
58. ***FUNTOOLAS*** Card By Anna C
59.-60. ***FUNTOOLAS OCTOBER KIT*** By Anna C
65. Happy Halloween By Njr007
66. Happy Halloween By Njr007
67. Pirate - outside By Crazycricut
68. Pirate - inside By Crazycricut
69. Cupcake card and envelope By Crazycricut
70. My Stache By Crazycricut
71. Thinker By Tracy F
72. Christmas Cutie By Tracy F
73. At the Fair By Tracy F *with twist*
74. Happy Visit By Vincarash
75.-76. Fourth of July Parade By Lpeeps
77.-78. Happy Holidays By ChansGram
79. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU By Dkscrapper
80. Cutie By MrsCDJ
81. My wedding date By Tinadn
82. Halloween Card By Tracy F *with twist*
83.-84. Treat bag toppers By Tracy F
85. Anniversary Card By Tracy F
86. happy mothers day (p2) By Melissadam
87. mathers day (p1) By Melissadam
88. christmas By Melissadam
89. this is HALLOWEEN By Jen E
90. Too cute to Spook By Njr007
91. Bookmarks By ChansGram
92. Boo By Lpeeps
93. Beware By Lpeeps
94. Wise Men still seek him By Dkscrapper
95. Merry Christmas By Dkscrapper
96. Tigger By Lamoo12
97. Pooh By Lamoo12
98. Piglet By Lamoo12
99. Eeyore By Lamoo12
100. christmas By Melissadam
101. Kindergarten STAR By Jen E *with twist*
102. US By Denielle.c.podraza
103. More Embellishments for Oct Kit Challenge-Fall By Denielle.c.podraza
104. Embellishments for Oct Kit Challenge-Fall By Denielle.c.podraza
105. Embellishments for Oct Kit Challenge-Halloween By Denielle.c.podraza *with twist*
106. EVen More Embellishments for Oct Kit Challenge-Fall By Denielle.c.podraza
107. Savannah St. Pattys Day Parade By Denielle.c.podraza
108. BA 2006 By Denielle.c.podraza
109. Always Dance By Sunnydi
110. Hey, don't forget ME! By Sunnydi
111. you looking at me? By Denielle.c.podraza
112. Life is so Sweet By Tracy F
113. Merry Christmas By ChansGram
114. Give Thanks card By Lamoo12
115. Lock him up anf throw away the key By Denielle.c.podraza
116. Happy Halloween By Njr007
117. Boo By Njr007
118. Boo-Who By Njr007
119. Happy Halloween By Njr007
120. Trick or Treat By Njr007

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