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Hey ladies!

We ran over to my inlaws yesterday to help put the shingles on the potting shed for dh's mom. Well, we had to backtrack and fix a few things first so it took longer. Dh's sister had helped and convinced mil that they didn't need certain things. Then, after mil got the tar paper up, sil asked if she had put the screws in the roof sheeting that sil had not finished yet. Dh got those in, somehow, under the tar paper. Mil just keeps saying, it is only a potting shed. At least the foundation is stable.

Mil said a funny though and I have to share. She went to Lowe's to get some OSB (plywood). She asked the guy where the SOB was. He kinda looked at her funny and she realized what she said. She was so embarrassed. I laughed so hard the Little Mister got upset. I don't know if he thought I was crying or if I was just too loud. He doesn't like loud noises like the vacuum or blender.

I'm waiting until 9 to make some phone calls. I wish banks would open a little sooner (or answer their phones earlier as I know they have the drive-through open already).

Carolyn, I missed what your system is for potty training Daisy? I am a firm believer in kenneling at night to prevent piddles in the house. Moose did great using that method. They really do like the security of a kennel too, as it simulates a den. After she's trained you can let her back in your room. Hope you figure out what works best!

Have a great day all!

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