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Well, it is just a stapler. A totally bad-a stapler guaranteed to make you weep with happiness. It will complete you.

Actually, I try not to buy too many toys just because we are very limited on space in our one bedroom apartment. But I had another stapler that had smaller staples, but they really looked kind of flimsy... almost "accidental". Like I forgot to cover them up or something. On some projects where I want a more industrial look, I like to add a few staples in a row, and the regular and mini ones I had just didn't look right.

The Tiny Attacher, however, has very NICE sturdy staples. They are smaller, but they are thicker and the way it staples is very clean and sharp looking.

My stapler also seems to leave dents around the staples, and I don't like that. The Tiny Attacher doesn't do that. Very clean looking. When you look at the back of the staple, it is very even and clamps all the way down (doesn't leave the kind of bowed out wings that normal staples do). It's a tight fit even on only one piece of cardstock and doesn't wiggle around and leave extra space.

And I love the size- it's perfect for when I want to staple ribbon... even my skinny ribbons that larger staples don't work with (the ribbon will slip through)... and other embellies, chipboard, whatever. Small enough to cover them if I don't want them showing, but I don't even know if I would want to cover them, they are so cute!

Plus, and this might be what it's really about... you can tell that it's not just a standard staple, and that in itself makes it look more part of the design. Not that there's anything wrong with using regular staples, but when you KNOW it was something that was designed specifically for scrapbooking, somehow it just makes it look better to me.

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