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Can you mark me recvd.? I postedpicture and a thank you to Scrap4time on Friday or Saturday.

GiGi has also recv'd and posted a pic back on page 47. Thanks.

Yes, thank you Ms. Pebbles for everything. Sorry ladies, I won't be in this round but will peek in here once in a while. Just got released from the hospital. Started with a lot of pain in my stomach after I ate peanuts at work. I'm allergic to honey that might have something to do with it, not sure. Anyway, they had to rush me from work. They think is my gall bladder or diverticulitis although all preliminary test came back negative. I've never felt like this in my entire life and literally thought that I was going to die. All I kept thinking was about my lil' boy. I'm only 32, for those of you who are talking about age. We all have issues, but as long as we still get up and breath everyday, that's a blessing. See you ladies 'round and thank you for having me in all the previous one.!!

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