Username Post: I have WAY too much paper!
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

    In response to RedSquirrel UK

It would be about 5' stacked one sheet on top of the other.

I think mine is about 9' in bins but if I actually stacked the paper on top of each other it would be about 5' because all the bins are not full. Like "food" has room for more, "License plates" has room for more, so does "tropical".

The big rolling container that I never look at has about 3' and I thought it was all patterned paper but seems I bought a lot of cardstock at Tuesday morning last year so it may be a mixture.

I know I have enough patterned paper to last a lifetime but always need more cardstock.

Actually there is room for a lot more paper on my carstook rack so I may start putting more cardstock away today. I'm running low on some colrs and I dont' want to buy them becuase they may be in the big bin. No idea what I have in there, just know it is all 12 x 12.

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