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Cracker Barrels are country-type restaurants with fantastic gift shops that you have to walk through to get in and out of the restaurant. They usually (conveniently) have a wait to be seated, so of course you browse through the gift shop...and they always have seasonal items with seasonal background music. Then while you eat, you keep thinking just how much you really NEED all the things you saw earlier, so afterwards all these items jump into your arms as you try to walk out the door. By the time you've stuffed yourself, then overworked your charge card, you can relax and ponder the damage you just did to your financial future while rocking in one of their wonderful country rockers out on the front porch. Oh...and if you really enjoy that rocking, of course the rockers are for sale also :>)

I know by experience CBs are in a line between the CA/AZ border straight through to FL, but I don't remember off-hand how far north they go. Personally, I think they're a bit expensive for the food, but the menus are all the same, so if you just want a place that you know what to expect & has decent hours for travelers, a Cracker Barrel is a good stop.~Judy

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