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I'm in for Hawaii! Boo for cold weather. I'm loving the Fall temps. I need to live where it is in the 70's during the day all the time!

Congrats on the sweet grand baby, Mandy! I'll keep you all in my prayers, hopefully everything will work out soon with the carpool. I know that's stressful. WW is great when you follow the plan. When I am mentally in the game, it is awesome. Follow the rules and the weight comes off. I get messed up when I start to rebel a little - so the trick for me is to go to meetings every week, try new recipes often, have a little piece of chocolate daily (Whitman's for WW) and track everything I eat. When I do that, I am so successful. I just have to stay strong - this is a very tough time of the year for me. I love candy - it can be my downfall! If you decide to do WW, you'll get lots of support here!

Debbie - pics of Tyler were so cute! Happy day, for sure! Hope you get the motivation to get the XC pics done. You can do it!

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