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Cracker Barrels are in all the southern states, maybe a lot further at every interstate exit. They are always very close to exits, never more than a block or so.

They have a big country store with darling (but pricy) seasonal blouses and sweaters - (now there are tons of pretty blouses and sweaters for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) and lots of cute home decorating things and baby clothes and nostalgic candy and toys.

I can spend hours just looking at things because it is different than you find in other stores.

Once you go in, in the back corner is the entrance to the restaurant. At certain times there is a wait to get in - sometimes for 30 or 40 minutes so you shop while waiting for your name to be called.

There are big rocking chairs out front and big chess tables set up.

The walls in the restaurant are decorated with old tins and pictures and other old country stuff. The meals are actually pretty good southern cooking and you can get breakfast any time.

I love their hash brown casserole, their chicken pot pie, chicken and rice casserole and their cinnamon apples.

I'll post a link so you can see what I"m talking about.

All of the Cracker Barrels look just alike with the big country porch across the front lined up with big porch rockers.

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