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Very good point.

We did have a house built for our son on our property - beautiful 2-story and Joe got to pick the tile and the grout, kicthen and bathroom cabinets, all countertops, light fixtures, paint, carpet and appliances. He had a ball - We all went together when he made his selections and his house turned out awesome.

Funny thing was we left on a South Pacific cruise for 30 days - it left out of San Francisco and returned to San Francisco so we were gone about 3 months. Seems that after the cruise we went to Hawaii for a while.

Anyway, we left town and they started clearing the area the next day. My son lived in an apartment then so we found a builder we really trusted and appointed a friend to make decisions if need be and we couldn't be reached.

When we came home the house was standing and they were trimming it out inside!

Then it got really funny. My husband told the builder, "While you are here, we would like the window torn out in the front of the guest house and double doors french doors put in so guests can easily get to their cars without lugging their stuff around back by the pool to get in.

We also want a bookcase built in the main house - floor to ceiling. And a light system from our kitchen to the guest house so we can notify them when we are up and they can do the same.

He kept coming up with projects and the builder pulled me aside and said, "If I buy you tickets to go on another cruise will you take him out of town again?"

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