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I tried to buy a new yoga ball the other day at WM,,,,,,none in my size (5 foot 3 - 5 foot 11)

Jaime goes to WM last night and finds one,,,,,

a Gold's Gym ball,,,same EXACT ball I bought a year and a half ago,,,,,,,,,their balls are color coded, and my size ball color is red.

bear with me, there's a reason I'm giving you this info LOL

soooooooo, I blow the ball up last night,,,,,,I swear it's HALF the size,,,,,,and I know this because my knees are too high and the ball easily fits through door ways without a gentle shove (plenty of room),,,,,,,,my larger ball got stuck and you had to give it a tiny shove,,,,

like what the heck???

double check,,,,,same ball,,,SAYS the same CM circumference,,,,,,like what the heck???

thinking I am losing my mind, I blow up the OLD ball,,,,,,,,(turns out the ball wasn't broken, it was the pump that was broken),,,,,,,the ball comes with a pump, and a new pump alone was the same price as a pump and ball,,,,,,,so I figured I'd buy another ball too,,,,,,,,might as well have the ball,,,,,,

EXCEPT IT'S NOT THE SAME SIZE! the old ball is TWICE the size,,,,,,sitting next to eachother, there's A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

shaking head. go figure.

I am now using the old ball with the new pump.

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