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My 2 cents – the voice of dissent (but I agree with your mom)
1 cent
In my experience, the BEST weddings I have attended were comfortable, local, “low key” affairs either at someone’s home/backyard, a park/beach, or a club (country club, golf course, yacht club). A relaxed atmosphere which encouraged everyone to attend.

2 cents
What is it with the Disney brainwashing? Not everyone is into Disney or the Disney experience. Disneyland/World DOES stress a lot of people out, especially older people. From the parking headache, extra walking, sterile environment, Disney branding in your face, etc. Why do you want to be “joined at the hip to Disney” on your wedding day? If you have to get your Disney fix, go on a Disney cruise for your honeymoon.

YOU want to be the one that shines, not some Disney thingy. I hate corporations that take over our lives and who knows how you will feel about them in several years. It's like having a "Hello Kitty" wedding and then 5 years later you say to yourself "what the heck was I thinking?"

sorry if I sound tough but I appear to be the only one with this anti-Disney World position.

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