Username Post: Another Magazine Bit The Dust
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My husband and I own a small print shop - and the industry is dying. I've seen TONS of large (and small) print shops close...people just don't do print promotion as much as they used to, for whatever reason. I'm lucky to have my business in a community that's quite...uhm...elderly. They're not much for technology (for the most part - prolly because Verizon is JUST putting in FIOS and the internet speeds are just now catching up.)

As for LSS's...I adore mine! They bring in special artists, pair with another SS a few hours away for large events and have new product coming in! We only have one (plus all the big box stores), but I prefer my LSS for variety. The box stores just don't carry as much! And the ability to splurge when I have extra cash helps, too. =)

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