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Darla - OMG, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I woke up this morning in disbelief!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

Henri - LOVE the dress, looks awesome!!!! And your pages with the chandiliers are great!!!!

KK - I want him to be the ringmaster because I thought it would look classier than a zookeeper! And he always says I come up with ideas that make him look stupid. I have to agree, I've had some doozies, but I just say he's not a good sport, LOL!

Also KK - the Silhouette Portrait isn't worth it (in my opinion). The original Silhouette only did 8.5x11, the Cameo does 12x12, one of my reasons for upgrading. I say, for the money, the Cameo is still the better deal.

Sheryl - I love that new storage!!!

Demo Day - I'm definitely out this month. The Dog Walk is this Saturday, next Saturday is OU/Texas, and the following Saturday I'm at Affair of the Heart with my co-worker (unless she decides to back out). And later that night is our Halloween party. Busy month for me! That's another reason I have to get our costumes taken care of THIS weekend!

I stopped at Hancocks after work and found the perfect material for my dress and the fur for my "mane" and tail, etc. I'm SUPER excited about it!!! I used to sew more, but haven't since ... probably three or four Halloween's ago ... so I'm hoping it will be real easy to put in some straight seams. While I've got my machine out, I'm going to try sewing on some cardstock. Always wanted to do it, but never have!

Off to start my day ... have a fantastic day, everyone!!!

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