Username Post: Thanks to all of you who tag all the items you use in your layouts
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As I work on a LO, I try to write on the back what I'm using. I do this not only for the Gallery, but for myself for when I think, "That's the perfect color stickle for what I'm working on...I wonder which one it is? (I have them all!)...and it saves lots of trial and error. I also sign and date the back of each LO when I finish.

I tear my stacks apart, but keep the front covers, so it's easy to go back and match up the printed cs and paper. I mostly buy Bazzill or DCWV cs, so even that I can usually match up. I keep all the front covers together and it doesn't take long to flip through to match things up.

Flowers...those are different. Like Henri, I dump them all in together. (I use big plastic nut jars so they look pretty out on a shelf. I also keep my tapes in a nut jar.)

I also don't list adhesives, tools, etc. unless it's some unusual way of using it. I do list if I used my cameo or cricut. There are always a few odds and ends that I don't know where they came from, but usually I can figure it out :>) ~Judy

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