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Hi all!

Missa, not sure if the drain is working properly! Today they did a swallowing test and what she swallows is not going where it's supposed to? (that's the explanation I received from my BIL) They have her back on IV drip. And, today she is just lying in the bed staring. Will not say a word. They scheduled an EKG for tomorrow. It's such a rollercoaster of emotions....up and down.....

Lori, the hand doctor seemed very nice. She spent time with me; I tried to interview her....she has done many CT releases; she was Director of Hand Surgery at SUNY; she feels I need the surgery; was reluctant, but gave me an injection so I can get some sleep. Suggests I schedule surgery.

Oh, and thanks for the lovely autumn package...LOVE it and the fragrance is deeelish!

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