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I can't stand to throw anything away...packaging, papers, etc., which explains our four file cabinets that are completely stuffed. Last week I decided I'm NOT leaving this (organized) mess of papers as my kids' inheritance and began scanning and shredding. As long as I can scan or take a picture of something, I can let it go :>)

...which is what I do with packaging from tools, paints, adhesive, etc. I scan the package and save it in my scrapbooking file, then throw the packaging away. Well, I keep flat acrylic-type packaging to use for crafts sometime, but most of the pkg. gets into the trash. This way I still have item numbers and instructions in case I need to figure out why something isn't working right.

And, as I said, I keep the front covers of my stacks, plus the backs to use for chipboard, but the glue at the top of the stack gets thrown away :>)

My scrap table is loaded down with files, so no scrapping for me, but my daughter will be over tonight so I need to move it all somewhere. For me, I now only have time to clean file cabinets, shop and check in to see what you're all up to from time to time. Have fun scrapping~Judy

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