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When I have papers that I won't use...I use them as testers for punching. I also use them as a stamping test paper. If they are white on the back..i cut them in 4ths & use as paper to write what I want to do with my page that I put in my page planning bnox for a crop. I also use them to practice writing before I journal. I try out my pens before I use them.

I would probably use these papers if I knew how to use them. I didn't know if you use them as a background on a layout or cut them apart and use them as embellies.

I thought you wanted to use them but you said you bought a lot of papers so I thought maybe some were some you didn't want to use.

Oh, there are some papers in there that I can't think of anything I would use them for other than toilet paper. MAybe something will come along that will look simply fabulous with them. I have seen some of you guys do some amazing things with the ugliest paper.

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