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Hiya everyone!

Yesterday I got some daylillies moved making room to plant some blackberry bushes in January. Need to find a spot to move some more to. Gardening takes so much time I gave it up while I was homeschooling the kids and working. Homegrown food tastes so much better and is cheaper in the long run but the time commitment is great. Problem is now my PVCs sometimes act up after I have worked so hard. Not always but I have to do it in little snatches that takes even more time. Oh well, I have time just not getting any scrappy in.

Donna, ready to sail away?

The DGDs were on their way to the gym yesterday when they saw a flight of birds migrating. Their mom overheard the older one explaining to the yonger that the the bird at the front had to take the wind and work hard but after a while it would fall back to the end of the "V" where there is no wind resistance and its a place where they can rest. The little one was looking up and nodding her head in all seriousness.

Their mom asked the older one where she learned that at. DGD relied that her Poppy had taught her about "the flight mechanics of migratory birds." Their mom mentioned it to DH and he said that it had been a long time ago, several years in fact. Kinda funny what little ones take in.

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