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Good morning ladies..........we are alive and well here in New Port Richey, but I am fast reaching the end of my patience. Truly. I knew this was a bad idea...........I am just battered. Let me just say, I hope none of you ever experience what I have in the past two evenings.......My dd Lisa, may be 52, but she truly needs professional help.....she is the master of zingers......and leaves me breathless much of the time....between her remarks about her brother, his children, his wife and the ones directly related to my "parenting skills" I feel battered and far, I am able to keep my mouth shut and not start anything......but when my dgd Hillary, congratulates her Motherby saying she's proud of her for keeping her mouth shut, and "not being confrontational", it makes me sick to my stomach......I am truly ready to run away from home today. Do you think they would miss me at this baby shower! I am soooooo over it! We had so much fun last night, watching all the girls, including Lisa, and then all the zingers this morning ab out Jeff, and family, just make me sick........Monday morning can't come soon enough for me.

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