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We made a trip to Sam's Club and what I specifically went for they did not have....that really honks me! I was there just a few weeks ago and they had several pallets of it. One specific trail mix Uriah will eat. He likes if before hockey for an energy boost. They did have one kind but it was full of peanuts & raisins...ewww! So tomorrow we are going to a Sams north of us to see if they have it while we are up that way watching a hockey game (the team Uriah desperately wanted to make earlier in the year). Not sure if I mentioned it before but found out his new coach was part of the decision making for that second team he tried out for. He said it was a very tough decision to cut him and him and the coach of that team still talk about it now that he knows Uriah. Bottom line is his size...that team they built for speed. We have scrimmaged them twice now and they are all tiny guys. I'm hoping Uriah will show him what he's got this year (coach is already very happy with him) and kind of groom him for that team next year. We'll see. pretty as it is hear, I think I'm going to lay down for a bit. I feel so tired...kinda lazy too!

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