Username Post: do you have something you never used? what?
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I have two sets of Lindy's...and they aren't cheap, but I'm afraid to use them. I have a set of paint, then just got a set of embossing powder. The embossing powder I have an excuse just arrived today, but who knows when I'll ever use it.

I have a Creatopia that I never use. I know it works, but the way I'm situated right now, it's too hard to get out and my little Cuttlebug lives right at my feet, so it's much handier.

I have several nesties I've never used. Lots of stickles I haven't used, but I have all the colors and just haven't needed to use them all yet...but I will.

Lots of other things. I tend to use the same stuff over & over since it takes less brain power than learning how to use the new stuff. Shopping is so much easier than figuring out how to use what I buy~Judy

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