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Good morning. Crazy Saturday. DS's soccer games started back up. DS scored a goal!!!! A thought out-take-control-of-the-b all goal! He looked good.

Thank you voting Tante!!! It's killing me not to know what votes everyone has! But it's been fun and I am almost done with the first draft. Should be done this week. Then polish it up.

MIchelle, glad you liked the card! I enjoyed making it. Yeah and movies, dinner and families!

Tante, that SU party sounds fun and the food founds delish!!!

Holly that is crazy about the mailbox post! Red? And they painted it for you. Wow.

Cris can't wait to see your mini. What kind are you making? Love your hair cut and your new Avi.

Today is grocery shopping and writing. Kids are off tomorrow and I've already told them all day is writing.

Mandi, did you get snow flurries last night?

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