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Bill makes me practice using the slider. In the army he taught weaponry to new Green Berets and that's part of the training. He thinks I don't need any gun that I can't work the slider easily.

Bill's is also small enough for conceal/carry but he usually puts mine in his pocket because it is so much smaller. His requires a holster.

ITs funny because at home we each have a pistol on our nightstands and in hotels - same thing usually but not always. Dpeends on the hotel and the hotel policies.

Bill said last night we will get mine adjusted a bit but he's not that concerned becuase if I have to ever use it in an emergency, I can do it and will have the adrenalin to pull back the trigger.

Its for close target so someone would have be be close enough to be an imminent threat.

Bill and JOe go to one of our rental houses a lot which has a 2,800 shed in back full of license plates. They wash and sort them and send them to cusomers which leaves me at home alone. If I hear noises I put the pistol on my scrap desk where I can grab it quickly if someone were to come into my scrap room.

Wonder if I'm the only one who scraps with a Smith and Wesson on her scrap desk.

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