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Update to October 6: I did do a layout that night, and got pictures of it taken and posted to Facebook the next day.

October 7: Bought all the required supplies for the heat therapy bags (printed flannel, plain cotton, and rice), and most of the supplies for the sugar scrubs (the dish soap and some perfect shallow wide-mouth jars and lids; I'll buy the sugar closer to the date I make them and only if we don't have enough in the kitchen canister by then). Also bought materials for the non-Christmas-related kit swap, and two yards for fleece for a no-sew fleece blanket for myself. I spent most of the afternoon cutting the fringe for the blanket (without a rotary cutter) and getting one side of it tied, while listening to a couple of my favorite movies, and knotted the fringe on the other long side in the evening. Wow, those take longer than I thought.

October 8: Finished up the fleece blanket in the morning (yay work holiday). Made nine of the twelve cards for the gift baskets, with vague plans for the remaining three. Setting tiny goals for the evenings after work this week - one card each night, and tiny steps toward completion of the page kit I need to be working on.

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