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I'm glad I live in central IL, and I am one of those ebay sellers. lol And recently found a cool fb scrapbooking page to sell on. I usually just sell just to US residents but recently had to ship to canada and was shocked to see that it was cheaper to ship from IL to canada than it was to ship to the next state over from me. She said that was not always the case though.
Where is central IL? (have I asked you this before?) I live in the Champaign arean but have been traveling around the state with my dh when he goes on business and I am alwasy trying to hunt down the scrapbook stores while he is working!
I usually save a litle every month to buy something scrappy but come the first of the month i'm really wanting to buy something and get tired of waiting for free shipping so I just go in town instead. So by the time free shipping rolls around my scrapping money is gone!

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