Username Post: Anyone in any of these places?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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Solitaire - not sure where the ship docks - it would be where ever the cruise ship ports are but I am totally unfamiliar with that part of the country. I'm really looking forward to sailing in though, as I've heard we cruise past the Statue of Liberty!

If there is a double decker hop-on hop-off bus in that area, then that is my favorite way to see a new city. Plus we get great pictures from the top.

I will call the cruise line and find out exactly where we wil be docked and I guess we will work out a plan from there.

Bayamonesa - we are neighbors. I live in Ocala.

Thank you Carrie - I'm looking forward to this trip! We've always wanted to take a cruise around this part of the country and Canada to see the leaves changing colors. Also, so many ports in the Northeast that I've never seen! Really looking forward to it.

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