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Sorry Ladys no spreed sheet update as of yet. Its all ok, as I (Sassie) am still keeping hard log copies.

I am bringing in a special point system for the games/picks ect's. were going to have going on for the rest of this MOTM swap!

You can acquire points by many ways, just because, helping others, games being posted, going over & beyond spoiling the current MOTM -- basically any reason

When you acquire 10 points - you can choose either a gift or your name being put in the drawing a extra time.

So keep your eyes peeled. There may be a time limit on when you can claim your prize or points. There could be many or no limitations placed on things.

*We always welcome new idea's, new "games" & just fun things ... and you will get credit for ideas/games ect dropped as well

I am very sorry there hasn't been an update my life just kinda got crazy. For those of you who don't know my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer and as some of you know we have been going back and forth to drs for the last two weeks so things just got busy and I have just been exhausted but I will get it to you tomorrow as soon as i get off from work

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