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- If you crumple the paper over & over, not only will it give it the look of old worn leather, but it will also give it a soft suede feel. If you'd like it to have a hardcoat, perhaps some sort of clearcoat to stiffen & hard it.

- Water distressing is another technique you could implement to help distress the paper.

- If you use rustic, brown paper, you can add touches of black ink or mist, either before of after crumpling.

- If you use a manilla, kraft or white piece of paper, it will show through, unless you ink it first.

- Grungeboard, chipboard & thin to thick cardboard are all possible alternatives.

- Google 'Book invites'...Invites that look like books...and Book template printables for more ideas.

- As for binding binding binding wire...or sewn & stiched heavy thread...or leather binding cord. You should be able to find some at Michaels.

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