Username Post: Whar do you do when you have too much stuff?
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When my stash outgrew my tiny corner, I set myself a "no-buy challenge". That meant that I had to complete so many LOs and so many cards (I think I set 50 LOs and 100 cards, but it is up to you) without buying anything except adhesive. Then I added page protectors and albums to the list of exceptions, because I had a heap of LOs with nowhere to put them. I ran out of white card-stock and made myself use the colours instead.

It worked. And because so many of them were cards, that meant that a lot of my stuff left the house rather than just getting moved from stash to albums.

While I was "stash-starving", I allowed myself virtual shopping with wishlists, but I wasn't allowed to buy until I had finished the challenge. No hexagon punch? Too bad - I had to cut my own hexagons by hand. It wasn't difficult. When I finished my target, I discovered that most of the stuff I had put on my wishlist when I was going through withdrawals, I no longer wanted. Interesting huh?

But yes, I'm afraid you do have to get organised first. You have to treat your stash like a store, and know where everything is, so that you can find it all and use it.

Shall I come and give you a hand? I LOVE organising scrapping goodies!

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