Username Post: Whar do you do when you have too much stuff?
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I'm the exact opposite. I'm old enough that I'm retired, I've payed into the system for a lifetime and now get a nice social security check and don't have a penny of bills coming out of it so if I want something, I treat myself to it and if I have way too much - its okay as long as I love the stuff I have and plan to use it.

I've never been in this position before and I'm enjoying it so I don't want to put myself on budgets or restrictions.

I just beware of sales and clearance where I get things impulsively that I'm not going to use or want because my personal history tells me that is the stuff I mostly don't use and wonder why I bought it.

I love to purge and get rid of stuff, give it to someone else who may use it. That makes me feel good too.

But even though I have thousands of pieces of patterned paper, if I see some more I love, I will get them. I may never use them but a young mother who is the daughter of one of my best friends will get everything when I die and and with 3 kids - she will use them!

I am finding though that I buy fewer and fewer tools and less and less inks. My weakness in patterned paper and pre-made diecuts. I go nuts over those and buy them on line almost always.

If I see a punch or nestie or embossing folder I want I get it, but very few really jump out at me anymore.

I seldom use my Cricut carts but still pick up a new Cricket cart or Slice cart from time to time, but in 4 years I've only bought 12 Cricut carts. Its not the tools that grab me - its the paper and cute die cuts.

I frequently go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joanns and come home with nothing because there wasn't really anything I fell in love with - no new papers and nothing else I really wanted.

Rosey - I love organizing my scrap stuff too. Its as much fun as actually using it!

I also put wishlists on line and when the get really high - $200 or $300 I go through them before I push send and sometimes almost half are things I don't really want anymore and take them off. I do that with Amazon and other sites I buy online from too. I let the balance get up there before ordering and then I've lost interest in some of it.

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