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Happy Friday Ladies! And it's game day!!

Mandy, I missed it, what's Melia having surgery for? I'm guessing maybe wisdom teeth, but she seems young for that? Anyways, good luck with it, she'll do fine!

Bridget, sorry the dinner got moved, that would be annoying.

Pam, maybe, slowly, G is coming out of her shell with VB? It's great that the waiter is so good with her!

Good luck on the scrapbook Debbie! I don't envy you at all!

Thanks for the comments on the memory mate, I don't know if I'll get back to them today, I have a ton to do, but when I do get back to them I'm going to try to recolor the stars. I did try that before I posted it, can't remember why I didn't keep it, but it was before I fixed the color, so that could be it, and I didn't adjust the opacity of it either. I'll work on that.

Last home football game tonight, my heart is very heavy. The boys will come here afterwards, I am making homemade mac & cheese and chocolate krispy bars. I just can't believe we are at the end already.
Not too busy of a day with work, which is good since I have all that cooking to do and laundry as well. I expect to see a handful of Randy's friends here after school/before the game, but maybe not. You never know.

Guess I better get to it.

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