Username Post: Looking for some scrappy friends in the Hudson Valley, NY
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Well, I dabbled in scrapping about 15 years ago and dropped it because life got busy, but picked it up again last spring...mostly because I take photos of my son almost daily, and i had to do something to corral the thousands of photos. My son will be 4 this coming Monday, Oct 15. I live with my boyfriend of 7 years, Joaquin, Juanies dad.

Right now I am finishing up a great, fun job at a state museum in Kingston, it is seasonal so I will pick it back up in April. I plan to go back to substitute teaching for the winter, which is ok, but wish it were more $$ n benefits.

Congrats on your degree, that is a great accomplishment!! I never went n got my masters, n don;t miss it. I don't even feel like it would have helped me get a teaching job...not where I live anyway.

Gotta read the boy a goodnite story, will catch back up later!

Good luck with the teaching job and wish baby Juan a very Happy Bday from Ethan and I!!

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