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Hiya everyone.

Yea, Jeannie finished that pesky drivers' course and Terry is scrappin'.

Found some canning jars on sale 50% off, gonna go check those out. Found a rainwater retention plan and think I am going to build it real soon. Free water for my gardens! Right now I am preparring a bed for blackberry and blueberry plants. I will plant those in January. Signed up for a gardening class on Nov. 3. I should learn something new, its 5 hours long! Moved some daylillies yesterday. Now if I could only get these allergies under control.

DH made breakfast this am and his bacon grease smoked up the joint, oh boy said sarcasticly...

Still no scrappy mojo here. I guess I am in garden mojo mode at the moment. I know scrappy mojo will return eventually.

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