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Hello! I am new to the scrapbook scene. I am making my boyfriend a scrapbook of all the hikes we have enjoyed together in beautiful Colorado. I am hoping someone can help me out with a few questions. I haven't really printed pictures in a couple of years, however, I remember cropping some photos and ordering prints from Walgreens and they came back distorted. Probably because I cropped the photos and they were printed on 5x7 sheets making them look stretched. I have taken lots of photos on the hikes but many of them will have to be cropped. Is there a way to avoid this problem? Also I have a printer that is capable of printing pictures. Would it be cheaper to print myself and again avoid running into the quality issue if I crop? Adhesive paper would be nice to directly stick to the sheet. Any insight or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Like I said I am a newbie and just trying to make my gift perfect : ) Thanks in advance for the help!

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