Username Post: Fancy Pants Home For Christmas Kit Swap CLOSED/CREATING
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Sign up close: Nov 16th
Due date: Nov 30th
Return ship date: Dec 4th

This is a full kit swap using Fancy Pants Designs Home for Christmas collection. Use only the papers from that line or good quality coordinating card stock (Bazzil, ect)

The idea is that each person will chose a part of the kit and make one per participant in the swap. When it's done and swapped, everyone should have a full kit with lots of embellishments and personal touches to assemble however they chose.


1. Use ONLY the pp from the Home for Christmas line. Use the actual paper, not scans, copies, etc. Use only good quality (Bazzil, etc) cardstock that coordinates with the colors in the Home for Christmas line. "Close enough" might not match someone elses "close enough"

2. Whatever item you sign up for, make one per person in the swap. If you sign up for multiple items and want to end up with multiple kits, let me know, or I'll still only count you as one. I will keep a count of participants at the bottom of this post.

3. Do your best. Clean cuts, securely glued. If you don't have the time/inclination/creative juices to create something homemade, we can add pre-made/no-fuss items upon request...such as 12x12 pieces of patterned paper, pre-made dies, etc. This collection has a lot of extras that would make great contributions.

4. Check in at least once per week, and follow through on your commitment in a timely manner. If your items are not received within 3 days of the due date, they will be sent back to you. Please don't's just not cool.

5. Send your goodies in a 12x12 baggie. You can put smaller items in a smaller baggie inside, but other peoples creations/contributions may be large, and I'd hate for your stuff to get damaged when being shipped back to you. Label the 12x12 bag with your screen name and the swap name. Include also a small baggie with a return label to you and the same postage you paid, plus 4 extra 10cent stamps, or close to it. I will return extra postage.

6. In a padded/protective envelope/box large enough to hold 12x12 paper, ship your goodies to:
Kris Bayle
8080 Doyle Rd
Laingsburg MI 48848

7. Have fun. That's what scrapbooking's all about. Post your creations as you complete them, then others can coordinate/avoid duplicates.

Each item on the list includes the minimum expected...feel free to do more if you so desire.

Embellishements include, but are not limited to, paper piecing, stickles, gems, brads, chalking, distressing, inking, embossing, stitching, etc....but do not use stickers not included in the set.

1) 1 12x12 piece patterned paper: Krispyb - Reindeer

2) 1 12x12 piece patterned paper: Momof2g1b - Christmas Tree

3) 1 12x12 piece patterned paper: Mwendt7 - Holiday Thoughts

4) 1 photomat embellished 2 times: tcletoaddison

5) 1 photomat embellished 3 times: Pam in TX

6) 1 large file folder/library card pocket embellished 3 times: baingl

7) Journaling box embellished 2 times: Sassy Suzi

8 ) 2 small to medium dies, embellishments optional: Pam in TX

9) 1 large die embellished 3 times: Mwendt7

10) 4 6x6 papers, minimum of 2 patterned: hvn101

11) Embellishments: Sasload4

12) Other (suggest something): Tags - Pennysan

Number of kits to make: 12

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