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good evening dear dear friend,
I am just checking in with some fabulous news.
We are both taking a break tonight cause we are both tired & sore. I cleaned my scrap table so I can finish inking my snowman circles.
the first thing is Dave dropped my camera. I am so glad. I went & got a new one last night. YEAH
Mine was about 12 years old. It is a Fuji Finepix. Even thought the MP number was very low, it still worked great cause it had this long zoom.
I never had a problem with it. I always loved the pics it took.
I got another one. The old was 450. this one was 179. The old cards were 40 bucks. these are 7. lol
The screen on the back is much bigger. It has such cool features. I really wanted a pink or blue one but they came with wrist straps. I really like having a reg strap. I saw a cool pink bag on amazon for it.

The other great news is our new owner did give up 45 days to leave. He has been so nice. He is worried about Dave's back & he told us to leave anything that is trash & his men will take it out for us. We have lots of furniture & big TVs that are trash. I thanked him & said Dave had been having chest pains nightly about all that stuff.
Then he said he will have 3 of his guys move everything in our house to the new house & they have a big truck. They are doing this all for free.
Dave was worried about how much the moving part would cost. now he is so happy & thankful.
I love that we have great people moving in here that love this house too. My parents built it as a frame house. In the 70s, my dad hired an architect to remodel & enlarge. They made it contemporary. IT looks like an office building with a silver roof. He loves it & he is an architect.

I wanted to tell you guys that my dad saved his papers every year from the 50s on. I know some is business for taxes but he kept his check registers & receipts for lots of stuff. I am going to go through them after we move & use some of them in my scrapbooks. I did know they were there.

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