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You can do whatever you like at a crop within the bounds of common sense (more on this later). What this means is…you can do any number of things typically associated with scrapbooking/crafts or even just spend the time sorting photos, writing journaling, and/or playing with layouts. Most people like to “complete” something at a crop. They feel a sense of satisfaction if they finish a page or card. I think it is more important to just go and enjoy what you are doing even if it is just sitting there and making page titles all day (which I have done numerous times).

If you want to see big results, from your crop experience, it is best to pre-plan. And preplanning means gathering all of the components you will need to complete a project. This is often called “making a page kit”. You pick out your photos, papers, embellishments, even layout ideas, tools you will need, etc. in advance and then assemble the page at the crop.

There have been lots of past posts asking what to bring to a crop but it boils down to bring the things you use most often (or need for the project you want to work on). Personally I have stopped dragging certain things to crops because they have become too bulky. Example: If I want to stamp something I take the specific stamp and ink NOT every stamp I own.

Now to the “common sense” part. Certain things can be too messy, too loud, or too disruptive to do at a crop. Think about your fellow scrappers. Examples: flatting bottle caps with a hammer not a good idea for a crop. Anything involving large cups of water probably also not a good idea. Anything involving fire…always best to do at home.

Number one piece of advice
“take your cues from the people in the room” If it’s a chatty bunch…talk away. If it’s a quiet bunch respect that.

Few more tips…
Turn your cell phone to vibrate and take all calls outside.
If you would like to borrow/try something ALWAYS ask first.
Leave valuables in your car.
Bring a small snack and drinks that reseal.
And my personal pet peeve, try not to gossip.


oh I thought of one more thing. If you plan on bringing a kid or kids ask first. Some crops frown on bringing kids.

I don't mean to scare you. but I wanted to outline some of the common curtsies for a first timer.

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