Username Post: November Lets Share -Closed and Scrapping
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Kim...It's 2 hrs shy of Monday so I am going to start if that's ok...maybe it will get others to join!!!!
Banana Cream Pie By Marcilb

First of all--I hate that spray sh-t (that's what I call it!) but I used it and had a little fun-just a little! lol....but most of all I was just happy to do this LO of a lady that has enhanced my life even though it is supposed to be the opposite since I visit her on a volunteer basis and she can rarely get out...I have had the honor of knowing her for 5 years now--she has more lives than a cat and is 89 right I totally enjoyed building this LO around her...and I lost about 2 hours.....
Is this the type of discussion you are looking for in this challenge?

Thanks for looking and reading!

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