Username Post: NOVEMBER Ohhhhhhh Baby! Challenge
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Welcome to the 1st month of this challenge. Thanks for joining in! (I did see a baby challenge here when I first started earlier this year and missed it! Babies are just sooooooo cute!)

Your Layout (1 per person) must have a baby(to age 2!) on it....that is the only requirement!
TWIST: flower(s)

***I will use, post the winner and send a small prize (I just prefer that everyone just do these beautiful LO's for the fun, so no voting. All of the names are typed into and voila!-a winner!)***


*.....NO SIGNUP NEEDED...Just do it!!! (lol!)
*.....Must be created in the challenge month (digi or paper)
*.....Allow public embedding (message me if you're not sure how!)
*.....You MAY COMBINE with other challenges
*.....Spread the love & support each others' efforts when you have time!

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