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Remember when you were a kid and you were playing a game that wasn't going the way you wanted and you'd yell "DO OVERS!" so you could get another turn and maybe get a better roll of the dice? That's the same idea here. It's a Lift Challenge, and the idea is pretty simple.

Go back through YOUR OWN LAYOUTS - they can be posted in your gallery or ones from before you began posting projects. Your task it to find a layout that you wish you could "do over." It doesn't matter why you wish you could do it over - maybe you wish you had used a different color scheme, or added more photos, or used fewer photos, or bigger photos, or different embellishments, or a different title, or just wish you had the skills then that you do now to do your wonderful photographs justice.

Well, today, you get your wish. The layout you pick is your target lift, and your assignment - should you choose to accept it - is to DO IT OVER!

Post your original before your post your lift and explain why you want to do it over.

No sign-up required. Just jump in and have fun whenever you're ready!

I am not the comment police. I know we all get busy and get behind. But we all like to get comments on our projects, so do your best to give love when you get love.

Layouts must be new as of today and are DUE no later than midnight time November 30 .

And, as always - the primary goal is to HAVE FUN!


Follow Your Dreams

I wasn't happy with this almost from the get-go. The yellow flower spray is beautiful, but it doesn't have very good balance. I love the crochet flower, but it just wasn't functioning with the vine. And I finally realized that I was basically unhappy with the whole color scheme - it's just too DARK for the way these photos make me feel. I love the photos and the basic skeletal design.

Follow Your Dreams - Revisited

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